Ways by which you can hide the heat pump from the outdoor unit

The heat pumps in the current time look modern and also colorful to complement your home. But in all these, we forget about cleaning the outdoor heat pumps. Many of us tucked the units outside the home, but it is important that you should hide them out. If you are looking change the design of your home, check out HDB renovation packages before spending your money. Nowadays, modern units are available in compact and sleek designs. Hence, in this post, we are discussing some important ways by which you can conceal the outside part of heat pumps. 

  • Using heat pump cover

Unsurprisingly, this is the initial thing to be considered for hiding the heat pumps. Usually, the covers are made with the purpose of maintaining the optimum performance of heat pumps. You can avail these covers in customized form. The standard covers are available in two forms of different sizes and endless color choices. They can easily cover the complete unit and blend beautifully with your home’s décor. 

  • Buying a privacy screen

Based on the location where you have installed the heat pumps, the homeowners can buy privacy screens that perform their work very well. Privacy screen ensures that there is plenty of space present to prevent overheating. 

  • Using a garden art display

Another way in the list is making use of beautiful garden art screens that are widely used by homeowners. They are getting popular among those who love gardening.

  • Think out of the box with planter box screen

For those who love planting greenery in their garden, a planter box is an excellent choice. In the process, just ensure that these plants do not grow around the heating unit.

  • Vintage door screens

Vintage door screens create a magical vibe while working on the outdoor unit of heat pumps. A few decorative items can simply be installed on the outdoor unit

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