How to Ship Your Vehicle from California to Colorado

Originally, Colorado was quite near the territory of New Mexico. In 1861, it became a territory of the US. After becoming part of the US, Colorado started booming, mainly because of Colorado Silver Boom, and a few areas like Pueblo, Denver, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction.

The state saw a severe depression after the Great Depression. However, after the second world war, immigration to this country once again more as it was put on the target.

What you can expect while shipping your car from California to Colorado

Due to various interstate highways running through the state, the major metropolitan areas of Colorado are relatively easy to move. Being located near the country’s center, lots of car shippers prefer to travel through while transporting between different states.

California to Colorado route is very popular and is the best way to ship a car from California to Colorado. While most carriers arranged by Ship a Car, Inc. will be ready to run both to or from this route and other very populated areas of this state, particularly during the summer.

During the winter months, however because of snow and chilly conditions may create havoc on any unprepared auto transporters. Most of them rather will avoid accepting any order for shipping cars from Colorado during the winter.

Car shipping methods from California to Colorado:

How to Ship Your Car Across Country When You Are Moving

Your cost of shipping any car to Colorado will always vary based on your timing of the booking and therefore the car shipping company will offer any of the following shipping method options to their customers.

1.     Open transport truck:

Most people usually book their car for shipping by using an open transport method. One main reason is that this kind of service will cost you less. Besides that, the waiting time for shipping your car will not be too long.

By using this method, it will allow unfolding the gasoline prices amongst 9 to 10 different modes of transport.  It is considered a safe and efficient way to ship a car. Most of the transport truck drivers, those who are shipping cars to Colorado, will drive by using such open transport truck.

Also, many vehicle dealerships as well as auto manufacturers, prefer to use such open transport trucks. As this method is always the most cost-effective, you will find that most Sedans, minivans, and even a few luxury vehicles too are shipped by using this method.

2.     Enclosed transport truck

Mostly those people who are interested to ship their car through an enclosed transport option will usually send their any luxury or an exotic car. This method of transporting cars will be much expensive than the former method.

The major benefit of choosing this method is that there will be a lower risk of accidents while moving on an enclosed trailer. The car will not remain exposed to outside nature’s fury like rain, snow, or storm.

However, since the customers for this option are usually much less in number and therefore, you may have to wait a bit longer till a sufficient number of cars are available to fill the trailer.