Let’s figure out why Amazon deletes the reviews

Everyone wants to run a successful business and for the same, every business owner takes assistance from several marketing tools. Customers’ reviews are one of the most strong and powerful marketing tools which play a huge role in the success of any online business. Most of the time people use to check the review on the site for suggestions and guidance. Most of the customers write their reviews after purchasing any products from Amazon but sometimes the reviews are being removed by amazon which makes it very difficult for the business owner to secure a deal. Sometimes, it is not easy to understand the reasons why Amazon deleted the reviews.  The one, who is willing to know why amazon deleted all my reviews can have a look at the given information to be familiar with the cause as well as understand the steps to fix such issues.

It is very important to know what is happening behind the operation’s scenes however, it is not simple to be familiar with the same. Amazon hasn’t given any formal declaration about the account in which the reviews have been deleted. The information is mostly based on both sides (seller and purchaser’s side) which will be useful in understanding the cause as well as the effect. Sometimes, it is required for the seller to report the deleted reviews in spite of getting a good booking of their products they are getting low reviews. This can lead a seller to the biggest confusion especially when they have asked for reviews of each customer through the email feedback tool Amazon. 

Blocking can be a cause- In some cases, the reviews of a few sellers’ products can be blocked by Amazon. And one can be aware of the same only when they will receive the feedback from their customers’ that they are not getting access to the reviews’ of the products.   When the items   are being blocked from getting any customer reviews then it is not clear how much time it will take for them to unblock the reviews

Limitation of the review- Sometimes there can be a limit per day that how many reviews one seller can get in one day.  And one of the biggest reasons for the same is the verification of the customers. The one, who experiences more than 3 reviews every day, can report such issues. Amazon is having their own internal software which plays an important role in making sure that whether the reviewer is genuine or fake?

To add on, it is quite stressful for the seller if their reviews are being deleted or blocked by the Amazon due to any reason as it can put a bad impact on their business outcome and it can be a big reason due to which it can take a long time to promote their products in the market.  So, it needs to be familiar with the cause behind deleting the reviews of customers.