Have a look at how to get more reviews on amazon  

There’s no denying that customer reviews are influential. From influencing sales to increase revenue, reviews are a vital part of success online.Reviews from customers are one of the key factor to improving the ecommerce SEO.

  • Almost everyone agrees that reviews impact their purchasing decisions, with 97 percent agreeing.
  • A product with just five reviews has a roughly 200 percent higher chance of being purchased.
  • Customers prefer to buy the product with more reviews if they have a choice between two products with the same rating.

Reviews are significantly more crucial for Amazon merchants. More five-star reviews can imply the difference between standing out and blending in, as well as whether or not users appear in the Buy Box.

The greatest approach to gaining more Amazon reviews is to have unique products, a solid brand reputation, and a large number of happy customers who have been loyal as a result of their excellent customer service. So, here are a few easy techniques that will be helpful to know how to get more reviews on amazon right now.

  • Send an email with a customized review request- Amazon sends consumers a similar templated email after they make a purchase, asking them to submit a review. Because it isn’t really exciting, many people overlook it. By sending their follow-up emails, they can change the pattern. Include the shopper’s name in the subject line and email copy to make it more personal. Provide a direct link to their product page so they can easily leave a review. People may discuss how reviews aid in the discovery of products and the expansion of their businesses.
  • Include a product insert with a review request – When people package their products, include an eye-catching insert with a review request. Make use of vibrant colors and eye-catching photography. Make it simple for them by instructing them on how to post an Amazon review. Simply request a review, not a five-star rating. Amazon forbids inserts that directly ask customers for good ratings and try to dissuade unfavorable reviews by instructing customers to contact them instead.
  • Request reviews in their email newsletter – If people are going all out with their eCommerce marketing strategy, they will almost certainly have an email newsletter. Include a section in their template asking for reviews. This won’t generate a lot of hits, but it’s a one-and-done effort that could result in a few more reviews coming in regularly.
  • Request evaluations on social media- Many of their consumers are on social media, and they are well-informed about how much they appreciate their items. Ask for feedback on social media regularly, just like they would in an email newsletter. Customers are invited to leave evaluations on Amazon for things they have just purchased from them.
  • Submit products to Amazon Vine – There is one exception to the no-free-product-in-exchange-for-reviews rule: Amazon Vine. Only merchants with fewer than 30 reviews are eligible for this program. People can submit up to 30 units, which are subsequently sent out for free to Vine reviewers. The product and shipping are free for Vine reviewers. The significance of this Amazon reviews program comes from the fact that Vine reviewers, also known as Vine Voices, are picked by Amazon based on the usefulness of their previous reviews.