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India has not been making many movies putting the main theme of sports in the centre. There is not a shortage of sports films in India; however, most of these sports films do not talk about the normal life of Indians who play sports. This normal life includes the hardships but also includes the joys of small wins in local teams. However, it could be said that there is a shortage of films centred around football because football was not a national sport till late. SudaniFrom Nigeria is a film that is about sports and talks largely about life. Also, the good news is that this movie is about football and has been made for football lovers in India. So you can enjoy Telugu HD movies online like Sudani From Nigeria on AHA.

The movie is a Malayalam sports drama film that was released in 2018 and had one of the best critical responses from viewers and critics. The film was directed and written by Zakariya Mohammed along with MohsinParari. The film was produced by Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid, who was also the cinematographer for the film. There are many popular actors in the film like SoubinShahir as Majeed, Samuel Abiola Robinson as Samuel Abiola Robinson, Aneesh G Menon as Nizar, K. T. C. Abdullah as the father, SavithriSreedharan as Jamila, SarasaBalussery as Beeyumma and many more. If you are willing to work on some of the bestTelugu HD movies online, watch this film on AHA.

The film centres on a Nigerian football player recruited for playing in the local team called MYC Accode and two other Nigerian football players. This team is being managed by a manager named Majid, who is a local. The film has been set in Malappuram, which is a rural town in Kerala. The story shows the beautiful journey of Samuel in an unknown land where he bonds with many people and learns much about life. However, he teaches some of the important life lessons to his team manager Majid as well.

The story starts with Majid, who is still a bachelor because he has an unstable job and is living with his mother and occasionally his stepfather. He has a very poor relationship with both of them because he is still emotionally attached to his late father. He is unable to forgive his mother for marrying again. However, things start changing in his family when Samuel enters his home for recovery due to an unfortunate incident in the game. He soon becomes a spectacle in the village, and people start flocking around him to know more about him and teach him about the Indian culture. Among the people, Samuel is known as SudaniFrom Nigeria and Samuel also deeply bonds with Majid over their time together.

Check out the film to see how everyone helps a Nigerian footballer find his missing passport.

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