What Are The Things To Know When You Visit Bhutan From Singapore?

In this article, we will discuss the things you need to know when you travel from Singapore to Bhutan. Also, we will discuss the famous attraction in Bhutan and its history as well as some frequently asked questions.

What are the famous attractions in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a place that has many beautiful places that you can visit anytime that you want. Bhutan is known to be a place of different mysteries and myths, which the Bhutanese people believe. There is no yet confirmation about these myths and beliefs made official. Here is the list of different places that you have to visit in Bhutan once in your life.

  •  Tigers nest monastery

This is known to be a monastery that is located on the cliffs and stands above the forest. It is a beautiful and sheer climb, and it is 900m high from the ground. You cannot take any vehicles to the top as it is risky and no roads are made. You can take a pony to the top that is only to the cafeteria area, after which you have to walk. From this point, there is only a steep walk and narrow stairs which you have to climb.

  •  Punakha Dzong

This is known to be the second oldest and the largest Dzong that exists in Bhutan. It is also called by the name Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang which translates to a palace of happiness. This is known to be one of the most beautiful and the most majestic Dzong in the country. The palace is carefully placed between two rivers from the Himalayas and goes to different places. Another thing is that there are different colours of rivers in Bhutan as there is a male and female river.

  •  Zuri Dzong Hike

Zuri Dzong is a place which is located in the mountains and contains a hiking spot. When you have climbed to the very top of the hike, you can see a perfect bird’s view of the Paro valley. This is known to be one of the oldest Dzong that ever existed in Bhutan. There is also a saying that there is a cave here in which Buddha came to rest in the 8th Century. This place is available to be visited by both the Bhutanese people and the tourists.

  •  Uma Paro hotel

This is a hotel that is located just 140 minutes from the Paro airport. The hotel is located on the mountain cliffs and has a great view of the valley. You can see there are a lot of pine forests and also trees in that forest due to cold weather. There are different kinds of rooms you can book to stay in the Uma Paro hotel. There is one called forest view, Mountain View, and the lost one is the 180-degree view.

What are the things you need to know before you travel from Singapore to Bhutan?

Here is the list of things that one needs to know about before travelling from Singapore.

  1. Currency

The currency which is used in Bhutan is called Ngultrum, and it is the same value as the Indian Rupee. The people in Bhutan accept US dollars also, but they never take Indian 500 and 2000 notes. Here are some useful tips and tricks you can use for currency

  • You should make a budget of $30 for per person food and drinks.
  • The value of $1 is 72 Nu in Bhutan.
  • The US dollar bills made before 2000 are not accepted.
  • You can use a traveller cheque called Amex in Bhutan.
  • You can use Visa, Master Card, and also American Express in the hotels you are living in.
  • Food and cuisine

There is no need to worry about having food in Bhutan as these are just like Chinese or Asian food. The dishes which they make in Bhutan are likely to fill up anyone’s stomach for a long time. This is because the classic Bhutan culture food has the right amount of protein and nutrients needed in a day. Another thing is the food which you will get in Bhutan will be spicy.

  • Climate and weather

Bhutan has four different seasons called summer, winter, spring, and monsoon. The best time to visit Bhutan is during the summer as it will be cold there. This is because Bhutan lies at the foothold of the Himalayas.

  • Clothes and travelling kits

When you are going to Bhutan, you have to make sure to bring warm clothes with you. This is because Bhutan is a very cold place, and you will need to stay warm there. You should make sure that you bring trekking and also climbing gear with you. This is because there are mostly mountain ranges and hills in Bhutan.

  • Tobacco and smoking

The purchase of tobacco and other things are considered to0 be illegal in Bhutan. But there is someplace where there are no restrictions. If someone is caught smoking or consuming tobacco or any other drug will have to pay a huge fine.

  • Safety precaution

Bhutan is a safe place, but the danger of getting robbed or someone falling off is not gone. So you should make sure to take the best travel insurance Singapore when you travel. This will cover all the expenses you will have to face when you are travelling.

  • Communication and internet

This country has good communications services along with internet services. Every town in this country has its Wi-Fi centre which you can use by paying a small amount. Also, you can take a local Sim Card in Bhutan to make calls or anything else you want.

  • Photography

There are many places in Bhutan where people are allowed to take photographs and videos. The only places where they cannot take any kind of photo or video are at the religious monuments and temples. To check these things, you will need to ask your local tour guide to check if photography is allowed or not.