CBD For Dogs: The Pros, The Cons, and The Myths

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the most popular products on the market. The Best CBD for Dogs was first used as a hemp treatment for animals in 2014. It’s since become a billion-dollar industry, with countless companies dedicating themselves to providing relief for your four-legged friends.


  1. CBD oil is safe—all ingredients are natural and organic which means that CBD for dogs doesn’t cause negative side effects. It’s also got an impressive list of benefits: it relieves anxiety, reduces pain and nausea levels, improves quality of life for senior dogs, and accelerates healing from injuries or surgeries! It can be administered by mouth as well as through topical application to help heal wounds faster.
  1. CBD also reduces seizures. Dogs with cancer and seizure disorders can benefit from CBD oil’s properties. It doesn’t interfere with other medications and can work alongside them to provide maximum pain relief.
  1. CBD is legal in all 50 states. CBD for dogs isn’t regulated by the FDA, so there aren’t any laws against it. It’s available through pet stores, online stores and veterinarian offices.
  1. CBD oil is a great alternative to other, more traditional medications. If your dog is on painkillers, opioids, or other narcotics for long periods of time, CBD oil can be a great alternative or supplement to these and other medication.
  1. CBD oil is safe for all life stages. No matter how old your dog is, you can use CBD. However, if your dog has a pre-existing illness like cancer or kidney disease, your dog’s health care provider should approve the use of CBD before you begin treatment to ensure it’s safe to use.
  1. CBD oil doesn’t cause psychoactive effects, which means that dogs taking CBD won’t get “high.” It only relaxes the body and relieves pain without causing some of the side effects traditional medications do.


  1. The main cons of CBD oil for dogs is that it’s expensive and, if you’re not shopping smart, you’ll probably end up paying more than what you should be for an inferior product which can, in turn, be ineffective for your dog. Another point is that the dosage of CBD oil is hard to standardize because every product’s concentration varies by manufacturer and no regulation exists yet to monitor manufacturers’ claims.


  1. There is NO smell to CBD oil for dogs.
  1. CBD is not safe for humans, especially if you’re feeding it to your dog.

Myths are being spread widely on social media because of the interest and curiosity that people have about CBD oil for dogs. But like most myths, the truth is surprisingly straightforward and easy to find using some simple internet research. The first thing you need to know about CBD oil for dogs is that it doesn’t have a smell at all! The reason why this myth has been doing the rounds is that many people find a smell off-putting when they first try out different products.