Complete AR-10 rifle: The grandfather of long-range battle rifles

If you want to explore the complete AR-10 rifle, this article provides you with the necessary details and information. This model of rifle was first developed in the year 1955. This rifle, which is regarded as the grandfather of all the modern sporting rifles, was manufactured by Eugene Stoner. This model is known to be a predecessor of the model AR-15. It is known to become with the feature of more power for its bigger-sized caliber.

The standard size of this rifle’s caliber is known to be .308/7.62 along with 6.5 Creedmoor. At present, different kinds of manufacturers proceed to make rifles on the platform of this model. This is to be highly customizable as per the requirements. You are allowed to equip this rifle with a scope and increase its efficiency to a great extent. In case you happen to be a hunter or long-distance shooter, you are required to purchase this model for all the right reasons.

More on this model of rifle

You have the option to choose this model in case you are looking forward to getting some of the identical capabilities and features of the SR-25 model. It will only lack the silencer part that you can buy separately to use in it. The .308 caliber part of this rifle is more expensive than that of the 5.56 part, but the later version is likely to enable you, short single ragged hole groups, at around 500 yards. You can even efficiently reach up to 1,000 yards while using proper optics. You can do all these while utilizing a 20 round box magazine.

This rifle is heavily used in the army as it can be used to hold so many enemies or opponents at bay from a great distance. Despite being manufactured several decades ago, this model is still doing great.

Features and specifications

This NATO battle rifle weighs around 7.25lb to 10lb following attached parts and tools onto it. On average, the effective range of this rifle is known to be 656 yards to 765 yards. This specified range is highly likely to vary according to the use of the telescopic sites as well conditions and other aspects in this regard.

The muzzle velocity of this rifle happens to be depending on several factors and aspects like firing condition, barrel length, caliber, along different related factors. Speed of bullet in case of 20.8-barrel length and .300 caliber is known to be around 2,690 ft./s.

This model was known to be built a lot earlier than today’s available models in the market. It has got a bulky design which is apt for fitting 7.62×51 mm NATO pounds. It is going to be very convenient for you to use this rifle in your hand. For long-range battle, this rifle is surely supposed to come on top. This is also to provide great results in short-range battles too. So many people decide to go for this rifle for so many benefits and perks.