Different Types Of Online Casino Bonuses Along With Their Explanation

If you’ve ever been interested in the world of online gambling, you have probably seen casinos advertising their bonuses everywhere. But what are they? They are programs offered by casinos to new and existing customers, which give players a percentage or amount of money to play with upon a casino deposit. You can take advantage of the bonus money to try different games and figure out what type of gambling suits your tastes without risking any of your funds. Below is a list explaining the most common types:

Frequent Player Bonus –

This type offers players loyalty points as an incentive for playing, typically awarded at one point for every dollar played (i.e., 1% back). The points are then exchanged for cash later, which can range anywhere from 5% to 100%. For example, a player deposits 10 dollars on an online casino.

Instead of receiving the 10 dollars immediately, the player is awarded one point. Once that player has earned 100 points, the casino will exchange them for $10 and put it into their account. This type of bonus is often offered by situs judi online24jam to their regular customers, typically through email or special offers sent to existing players within 24 hours after the first deposit.

No Deposit Bonus –

This type of bonus allows new players to try out a casino before risking any money via gambling for free. It is possible to win money, and in some cases, it is mandatory to achieve this type of win before requesting a cashout. The amount of money given is usually small and ranges from $5 to $50. A player can then use all or part of their bonus money to play games and figure out what casino games they enjoy playing the most without risking any real funds.

Match Bonus –

This type offers players an extra amount of money for every deposit made. This means that a 10 dollar deposit will increase by 10 dollars, which can be used to try out the casino with no risk. The most common match bonuses range from 100% (1:1 ratio) up to 1500% (15:1 ratio).