Follow These Top-Rated Tips To Make Kimchi Soup More Delicious

Soups are an essential part of our diet, and they prove to be a healthy appetizer. People looking forward to weight loss can replace soups combine with salad meals. Kimchi soup is one of the popular Korean tasty and healthy recipes. Korea is too cold to cultivate in winter. Therefore, people need to preserve food. They used to marinate the food in salt and bury it underground so that it remained the same till they got the fresh food. 

Kimchi soup is a stew-like dish whose ingredients combine Kimchi and other things like pork or seafood. You can make different kimchi soups that suit your choice. Or you can try different flavors of kimchi soup to suit your mood. 

  • Authentic Kimchi Soup
  • Contemporary Kimchi Soup
  • Healthy Kimchi Soup
  • Soy Milk Kimchi Soup

Following are four essential tips to make your recipe more delicious than ever.

Tip One: 

Use fresh Kimchi. We all know that fresh ingredients always enhance the taste of a recipe. If you use a long time marinated, it may deteriorate the taste of the dish. Because long time marinating will make the vegetables go rotten. Hence, try to use the Kimchi as fresh as possible. It will give you an excellent crisp flavour from the vegetables. 

Tip Two: 

Use soft tofu instead of egg tofu. Many people consider using egg tofu as it tastes good, and it is also healthy to use soft tofu. Also, soft and tender tofu absorbs the mellow flavour of Kimchi and becomes softer. Softer the tofu will add taste to kimchi soup (ซุป กิ จิ,which is the term in Thai.)

Tip Three: 

Wisely loosen the pork belly. Pork belly is one of the essential ingredients of the dish. Its flavour and texture enhance the taste of the entire soup. To make the soup taste better, make sure you loosen the pork belly by frying it. If you do not want to use oil much, you can also shallow fry the pork belly. Pork belly goes well with the kimchi broth and gives it an authentic taste. 

Tip Four: 

Add spring onion to the soup. We love to try a food item that smells good. Spring onions, as we know, add a good smell to any recipe. We are using Pork belly in the soup, and adding spring onion will deodorize the meat. Try to buy ancient giant spring onions; it will give you a traditional kimchi soup.