How can a tire burst result in car accidents?

Just like the foundation of any building, tires are considered the foundation of any car. It helps you in changing directions, control speed, and ensure that the brakes are applied at the right time and the vehicle is in control. Moreover, tires are the reason your car is moving. But unfortunately, people sometimes pay the least attention to their car tires. They get their engine services, and check for battery and cleanliness but forget to get their tires changed when required. However, according to Tuite Law, sometimes a tire burst can be due to sharp objects on the road or bad road conditions. No matter the reason, they can be the reason behind major accidents. Read ahead to know how:

High Speed

If you are driving your car at high speed and the car tire bursts, it can lead to a severe accident because you won’t be able to apply brakes. The brake system works by controlling the tires and stopping them. Once the tires burst, it isn’t easy to apply brakes and high speed can make it even more difficult. 

Lose Control

Tire bursts can make you lose control of the system. You won’t be able to control the direction of the car using steering wheels and this may lead to accidents. To avoid such circumstances, get your tires changed every 5 years for better driving experience and safety.

Head on collision

Sometimes, the other vehicle tires can become a problem for you. In other words, if someone’s car tires have burst and they lose control it may lead to a head-on collision and you can get caught up in such accidents. Thus, be cautious about your environment while driving.


The worst kind of accident that can occur due to a car tire bursting is getting off-road. It becomes even riskier when you are on a flyover or a highway, your car can jump off from a height due to sudden air pressure released from a tire burst and the car getting down the road. 

To avoid getting caught up in situations, remember to prioritize your car tire health and replace them even if it is an expensive affair after a few years. Ignoring this safety measure will lead you to hospital turning into an even more traumatizing and expensive affair. And if you faced an accident because of someone else’s responsibility, for instance, if you were traveling by cab and the cab tire burst, consult an attorney. A personal injury attorney can help you recover from the damages better. To summarize, be responsible and cautious to create a safe driving experience for yourself and everyone around you.