The Ultimate Guide To Glue Gun

Let’s just take a glance at what is a Glue Gun. It is a piece of equipment that heats glue and is then used for making pictures, designs, etc.

It is made for use in bonding soles onto shoes; Glue guns allow you to create a strong bond between a wide range of materials.

Things to keep in mind while using a glue gun for the first time:

  • Have to check there is no damage to the gun or its power cord.
  • Plug the cord in the socket and see whether the power indicator is working or not
  • Then remove the cord and put a glue gun at that point.
  • Be aware that glue sets up completely; it all depends on what you have used high temperature or a low-temperature glue gun.

Glue Guns comes into three formats:

  • Hot melt high temperature
  • Cool melt low temperature
  • Dual Temperature

Let’s have some brief about these three formats:

  1. What is Hot melt high temperature

The high-temperature heat is around 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to this high temperature, these glue guns are used for heavy-duty products to make the cover of a Knife, plug and make a hole, keep your clothes in place, and be a versatile tool.

These Hot melt materials are often sold in sticks or cartridges, which are suited to glue guns.

Large head drums are also used for the high-volume application.

HMA is suited for the following Materials: –

  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Plastics
  • Fabrics
  • Glass
  • Metal and organic substrates

Industries where HMA is used:

  • Paperboard cartons in the packaging industry
  • Spiral in the bookbinding industry
  • For Lamination in the woodworking industry
  • Most commonly, Disposable diapers for children are made through HMA
  • Also, many electronic device manufacturers use HMA to fix their parts and wires.

Advantages of High Material Glue guns:

  • High-Temperature glue guns are good for those materials that require instant grab and strong bond.
  • High-Temperature glue guns have a longer working time, which helps move materials like Fabrics, florals, Metal plastics, and polygons.
  • Its greatest strength is its’s quite versatile
  • HMA has longer life compared to Low Material glue
  • There is minimum wastage
  • It also dries rapidly
  • Also, its cost is quite low.
  1. What is Cool melt low temperature

Low-Temperature Glow stick has a lower melting temperature, and the lowest temperature it hits is around 250 degrees.

A low-temperature Glue gun is used when you are using a low-Temperature glue stick.

The materials used with a low-temperature glow gun are Foam, Fabric, Plastics, and other sensitive substances for Low-temperature glue guns.

Heat reduction reduces the chances of any damage to these products.

Advantages of using Low-Temperature Glue Gun:

  • When the temperature is low, it’s always safe because low temperature prevents accidents Like serious burns on the body.
  • Also, Low-temperature Glue guns have a faster set time.
  • It also works well with materials that are sensitive to heat.

Where is it Generally Used?

  • Bonding of Foam
  • Floral crafts
  • Crafts and Hobbies
  • Manufacturing of Mattress
  • Manufacturing of Casket
  1. What is Dual Temperature?

Dual Temperature Glue Gun is the gun that toggles between high temperatures and low temperatures when needed.

Dual Temperature glue guns are Expensive as compared to High Temperature and Low-Temperature guns.

Choosing the right glue Gun:

It would be best if you had a clear idea and understanding of which glue gun you are using. Without knowing about it, it may cause you some problems.

  • Heating Rate
  • What’s your purpose in buying Glue guns?
  • Additionally, you necessitate to be informed of the size of the glue gun


So before using any Glue Guns high, low and Dual, you need to be clear for what purpose you are buying and what it is used for. It all depends on your purpose for which you are purchasing a glue gun.