What Factors To Look At Before Booking A Serviced Apartment In Dubai?

When it comes to the accommodation options for vacations, the popularity of the serviced apartments is boosting. Why live in a congested hotel room when you can book a spacious serviced apartment and have a home-like feel away from the actual home. In case you are confused about how to look for the serviced apartments Dubai and book the best one, then don’t be. Here, we have compiled some key factors to guide you on how to book a serviced apartment.

  • Determine the type of trip:Before booking any serviced apartment in Dubai, you should determine what type of trip you are planning because this is the important factor based on which the appropriate service apartment will be selected. For instance, if you plan to visit Dubai just because of your business purpose, it is better to book a small serviced apartment providing a good internet connection and sufficient space to work. In Dubai, there are serviced apartments that are specifically designed for business travellers. However, if you are travelling with your family, then you will need an ample amount of space and thus, book the serviced apartment accordingly.
  • Consider the location:Now that you have decided to visit Dubai for your vacation, you need to be specific about the places you want to explore there to determine an appropriate location for your service department. Just go through the online map provided on the websites of the hotels to estimate the distance from the apartment to the places you want to explore on your vacation. Ideally, it’s better to book the serviced apartment close to your destined places so that you can prevent a big chunk of your money from commuting to and from the hotel.
  • Consider the apartment’s condition:Don’t always go on the words of the hotel manager. Just go through the pictures and descriptions of the serviced apartments provided online so that you can know what the actual condition of the same is? See if the apartment is hygienic and fully furnished, bedding is comfortable; sheets are changed regularly, the bathroom is equipped with all necessary accessories, etc. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the kitchen facilities beforehand. This way, you will be able to save the precious time and effort that many travellers waste by packing the required kitchen utensils.
  • Price charged for a staycation:Obviously, the price charged is the most important consideration when it comes to booking a serviced apartment, especially in a luxurious place like Dubai. Although it is a fact that Dubai is an expensive destination, one can also here find budget-friendly serviced apartments. In case you are visiting Dubai with your family or friends, then you can book only a single serviced apartment and stay together to make it a cost-effective option.
  • Length of your stay:Serviced apartments in Dubai are offered for both long-term staycation and short-term staycation. It is on the length of your stay based on which you can determine which type of serviced apartment you should go for. While some serviced apartments are open for short-term and long-term options, you will also find serviced apartments open to any type of guest. In case you are planning to visit Dubai just for a few days, then you should consider booking a short-stay apartment fulfilling your requirements. On the other hand, if you are planning to stay in Dubai for a month or more, then do book a long stay serviced apartment. Usually, serviced apartments with long-term stay options provide great deals.

Taking sufficient time to plan your staycation and considering the above-mentioned factors will help you to find the hotel apartments in Dubai and book the best one.