What’s a Bucks Party?

People have been holding hen and bachelor’s parties for eons. They are an old tradition that just won’t end; instead the tradition has evolved with the times. What traditionally happens when people decide to get married is that the bride-to-be has her own hen party with a group of her friends whilst the husband to be has his own party with the lad, this is known as the bachelor party in some places, a stag or bucks party in Australia. These days, grooms and brides combine their respective parties into one party called a Hucks Party. 

Many would argue that this defeats the spirit of the whole night: Getting drunk, watching strippers behaving badly and getting into trouble. Bucks party ideas Melbourne can be generic, but you can be creative about how you want to However, if you are going to have this party in Melbourne, chances are you’ll be running in the same venues and might just bump into each other. There is no rule that says women on a hen night cannot enjoy a stripper show or drink just as much as the guys. In fact group activities can be great fun. Instead of thinking up bucks ideas Melbourne just for the lads, why not include the ladies too and you could have a great time. 

Some couples prefer to have a combined send-off and here are some of the reasons why:

  • You have friends in common 

If your friends are her friends, what’s the point of splitting a bucks and hens party? It might be weird for some of your friends to show up for a bucks party and not their equally important hen party. Both the groom and the bride might have a tight knit set of friends, separating them might not make for a great party. 

  • Hucks parties are convenient

Your friends might have partners and they can include them if they want. Splitting couples brings logistic problems. They have to drive to Melbourne or wherever and then split up. This can be a schlepp for couples. To add to that, people cannot leave at the same time or they are forced to even when they are in the thick of things and the party is just getting hotter. This isn’t fair. Having everyone at one party makes it easy for people to leave together when they decide they have had enough. 

  • You can organize a sober driver back home

If you and your partner are going to be sloshed by the end of the night, it’s good to know you can call one uber going to the same address; or one of you can be the night’s designated driver and limit his or her alcohol intake. This means you don’t have to have a drunken person driving the car. You still need to get home in one piece, there is still a wedding to get to, 

Bucks ideas Melbourne can save money. You have a larger grouped of people who can pool a sizeable amount of money together. It will be easier to pay for group activities, restaurant bills, strip club visits and the alcohol. The best man and the best lady also get to share responsibilities and stress of throwing a hen or bucks party separately.